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ParkPlace White Doves

  All of our beautiful birds are all home grown and hand raised. We are offering hand tamed ring neck doves and hand or cage released Rock Homing Pigeon Doves. White Doves have been a symbol of Love, Peace and Hope for centuries. They pair for life and as a couple they return to the same house that they and their family grows up in. When the hen lays her eggs.. the male and female both work 50X50 to hatch the eggs and raise the babies.

  ParkPlace will be offering your Ring Neck Dove used at your wedding for hand birds and display birds, for sale, and for you to take home as your Wedding Doves to enjoy for many many years!

ParkPlace offers several choices of style and colors of cages. We also provide training of how to hold your bird & ideas on bird ceremony procedures. We can help you with your poems and announcements. You can choose to open a cage and let 'em fly!! Gloves will be offered as an option and hand sanitizer is provided for everyone wanting to handle the birds.

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